[[[ 333 ]]]

is a graphic scores series conceptualized through several hand made Books, with evolving graphic & sonic research segments developed and presented through intermedia concepts ((( web, gallery, publications, objects... )))

[[[ 333 ]]] Book I ~ presents 10 graph. scores and 10 verses poem inspired by fragments of the Book of Lies, printed on recycled paper and put together in a "faceless" hard cover each time wrapped differently by a golden thread. First sound interpretations will be published as an independent digital release by the end of 2016.


Language is  a virus –
There’s no boredom in Death, only bricks of sound,
Only broken they manifest the Light

Bricks of sound [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


In the Age of no–hearts, Moon is the only White,
The Unbroken though, absorbing all – is called Darkness,
Here is eclipse of the Soul

The eclipse [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


The Seed, nevertheless as Death
means Growth
((( N O X )))

Growth [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


To the Angels of TV static,
Bliss of the Many, souls transgressing,
Sleeping in the Heart of Silence

 Angels of TV static [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


For The Warrior, everything implies war
imperfection is their essence,
Of all those bellow the Waters
From which She arouse, because
That which can be thought is not true

The essence [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


Millions of the millions of the millions,
Stalks of the Night
Stars like The Sun
Spheres like the Moon’s
93 drops of blood
From the golden Heart

Stalks of the Night [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


In the City of Pyramids, hidden lays the Scull
Enduring unto the End,
A quiet Face
Collecting centuries of lost generations
Steering the semen in the cold desert holes
Abandoned children of man

11 Sounds [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


I am, Eight
No harmony in my name
But ecstatic wormholes everywhere,
In crackled Mind light is dancing
To the sounds of frozen lake,
I am, Silence
I am, Noise
I am, not

Frozen Lake [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


She walks without touching the ground
She flies without opening wings
She closes the mouth of a Lion
She falls in to my sleep
She spills rainbow from her sex
Combs my silver hair
Steppes in to the pond of snakes
Shouts, screams and weeps for the
Whole Universe resting on her shoulders

The Universe [[[ 333 ]]], Book I


The World was finally delivered
With Limbs hidden in Noise of galloping future,
With eyes scattered across Four sides,
Soaked in nebulous humming
Of purple Duck-humans
With claws,
With machines guns,
 Fed with Division, Dust and Death
Gently caressing,  from Beginning until the End.

The World [[[ 333 ]]], Book I