Tenebros je najčistiji oblik balansirane visine na odvijenoj žici. Kada žica dostigne tonski limit oscilacije su široke, a violinski zvuk postaje gotovo mračan i neprepoznatljiv.  
Potrebno je pronaći poziciju gudala skoro na samoj sredini između hvatnika i kobilice, gde žica može nesmetano da vibrira. 

low pitch noise of an unwineded string(s)

When the string reaches its pitch limit after being fixed with minimum spring force, sound oscillations are slow and the violin sound can be perceived as quite dark and unrecognizable. It is necessary to keep bow contact steady and find adequate place between the bridge and fingerboard where string has enough space for oscillation. make sure that the right "edge of the string pitch" is found, even it is better to keep it a slightly higher then to lose the resonant value. Otherwise it is likely that you will fall in to the Dead tale zone.